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Why Vintage?


Because it's what inspires us . . .

We always keep vintage in mind when creating the new collections that you love. Adding a touch of vintage textiles to our designs is what makes us unique. We love it so much that we are releasing an entirely separate line because we also know the importance of vintage and sustainable clothes.

Many of us do not realize the impact that our clothes and the fashion industry have on the environment. From the chemicals used to grow cotton, to the dye used to color the material, the entire process can pollute rivers and ecosystems. Factories export 150 BILLION items of clothing per year, according to Fashion Revolution. Of that 150 billion, Americans throw out around 14 million tonnes of garments each year. To put that into perspective, that is about 36 kg a person. The Environmental Protection Agency released that 84% of the unwanted clothes in America ended up in a landfill or an incinerator. 

Between pollution of the Earth and unfit working conditions, we believe that little steps make a big impact, which is why we are taking initiative in selling vintage and sustainable clothing. Next time you go to buy a new outfit, ask yourself, "who made my clothes?" 


Learn more about the environmental impact of the fashion industry here, and join the revolution.

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