handmade / one of a kind

 photo by  Matthew Rhein

photo by Matthew Rhein

The Beginning

The concept for my design studio formed in 2016 after I went part time at Anthropologie (where I had been an apparel designer for 10 years) so I could stay home and raise my baby daughter. I started designing and making clothes for myself while my she napped, and launched Penrose Design Studio (named after my daughter Penelope Rose) as a way to share what I was making with others. After a year of working part time I was accepted into a designer residency program in Philadelphia in January 2017 which led me to commit full time to being an entrepreneur and running my own fashion business.


Style & Quality

My mission is to create clothing for the free spirited woman looking for a refreshing one-of-a-kind aesthetic that is missing from fast fashion.  I take a holistic approach to design by using hand-crafting techniques and reusing materials, and keep sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices at the core of my process.  The Penrose gal sees fashion as an outward expression of who she is and wants a deeper connection with what she wears.  She is interested in knowing where and how her clothing is made, and wants to feel as great about wearing her clothes as she does about the way she looks.

100% Handmade

I currently design, hand make, and hand dye every Penrose garment in my Philadelphia studio.  I source from local suppliers and use remnant fabrics in my designs whenever possible to help support the local community and reduce waste.  I reuse vintage and antique clothing or textiles to create modern one-of-a-kind pieces that distinguish Penrose from the rest.  I am committed to  these practices in my studio to help reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment.